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Signing of the joint research laboratory SCAN

SCAN is a joint research laboratory dedicated to the development of agile and digital collaboration systems

On September 17, 2019, SCALIAN & IMT Mines Albi will officially sign the SCAN joint laboratory, which will be set up for an initial period of 5 years starting October 1, 2019.


SCAN, par jfages

The SCAN joint laboratory aims to provide business leaders with the keys to improve the agility and resilience of their supply chains by better addressing the risks and opportunities to which their business is subject.

The research program proposes to develop "immersive" solutions based on technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, serious multi-player games, holistic simulation, interactive dashboards, cockpits and control towers, etc. This "immersive" approach should enable business leaders to benefit as much as possible from an extended environment providing a clear, dynamic, interactive and trustworthy vision to support decision making.


The objective of the research program

  • to develop an agile management system for supplier risks and opportunities,
  • to design an instrumented methodology for the design and/or improvement of business resilience.

The work will build on the ability to develop models to:

  1. Establish future alerts in the more or less near future;
  2. Evaluate the likely consequences of these events (risks or opportunities) on the activity of the supply chain concerned;
  3. Provide, where appropriate, proposals for action plans to limit the impact of the risks or to better benefit from opportunities.

The work of the research program will take the form of 3 doctoral theses spread over the five years of the collaboration contract. These doctoral theses will be organized within co-directions with ITM Mines Albi partner universities in order to facilitate the emergence of ideas and their implementation. In particular, a strong partnership with Georgia Tech (USA) has been initiated.

The joint research laboratory SCAN will be attached to the SCALIAN R&D LAB directed by Antoine DELUGEAU and to the Centre Génie Industriel of IMT Mines Albi directed by Professor Xavier LORCA.
The operating director of the SCAN joint research laboratory will be Julien JEANY while Professors Matthieu LAURAS and Frédérick BENABEN will ensure the scientific direction of the laboratory.